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A self-trained artist who is a native New Yorker, in the mid 1980's Johnathan traveled through Europe admiring its great art and architecture. When he returned to New York City, he worked for the Museum of Modern Art. Being surrounded by art was the catalyst he needed to create images that are reminiscent of people and places he enjoyed reading about as a child and while he was abroad. In his work one can see the influences of the New York Jazz age, the luster of great Broadway shows and Hollywood film magic.

Today, Johnathan's name is on the lips of many New Yorkers, visitors to New York from the world over, elite families, various celebrities, business people and foreign dignitaries.

Client List

johnathan hampton classic
The Hampton Classic Horse Show
johnathan clinton administration
The Clinton Administration

Toni Braxton

Barry Bostwick

Christopher Lloyd

Sarah Ferguson

Hugh Jackman

Peter Jennings

HRH Princess Chantal of France

Baron Francoise de Sambucy

William Hurt

Elisabeth von Trapp

Marcus Mumford

Adriana Elia Safra

Lord & Lady Mancroft of Beaufort England

Courtney Kennedy

Carey Mulligan

Sonja Tremont Morgan

Chris Rankin
(aka Percy Weasley)

Deborah Roberts
(20/20, World News)

Samuel Peabody


social diary
dans paper
equestrian stylist
horse collaborative