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The Hallgrey Books

hallgrey books

The Hallgrey Alphabet & Art Flip Book

The first book in a series by Johnathan Hallgrey, a flip book for both Children and Adults. The front of the book is a children's alphabet book for his/her library. Simply flip the book around, and it is an original coffee table art book for adults. This book is filled with fun tongue twisters which help expand your child's vocabulary, while teaching pronunciation and geography.

Pages: 80
Size: 7x7

The Enchanted Kingdom of Sir Thomas Tattletale

In a retro-steampunk world set in 1922 England, a little boy named Sir Thomas Tattletale resides at Tattletale manor with his mother Lady Tatiana Tattletale. He possesses the special gift of laughter with incredible healing power. A wealthy family member soon discovers his power and sets off trying to kidnap him. Unfortunately for this rather sinister family member, Sir Thomas' cleverness combined with two eccentric aunts, a night club singer and a stunt flyer, make the task difficult. On his travels, Sir Thomas meets new friends along the way: Chronas Clockwork from Chicago, Gloria Peekaboo of Pennsylvania, Zara Zuckerman of Zimbabwe, Betsy Sassafras of Mexico, and Philippe de Curieuse of France.

kingdom book

The Hallgrey Alphabet Book

You get to meet some of Hallgrey's Madcap friends, including:
Bartholomew Banks of Boston
Fanny Flapper who is always frantic in Florence
Sir Thomas Tattletale in Turkey at tea time


Pages: 38
Size: 7x7

The Hallgrey Counting & Colors Flip Book

Introducing a fun new way of counting to ten with your child. Flip the book over, and explore the primary colors with style.

Pages: 40
Size: 7x7

Sir Thomas Tattletale's Equestrian Counting Book


Pages: 20
Size: 10x8